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I've read reviews of his shows in Europe, and, of course, they've all talked about the girls screaming – you're getting some of that ' N Sync crowd in there. I just know him for being down-to-earth and goofy and silly.

And they say he's Michael Jackson-esque, coming down a kind of a stripper pole. But he's got a little guy thing going on, too.

You know, it seems like they all want this pretty, perfect little America's sweetheart. I've known the both of them since that time, and they kind of had their little crushes even back then. Justin the constant scrutiny about who he is or isn't shtupping, rehearsals for co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards and furious prepping for the U. It is the first time he has hit the stage without four guys next to him, which was daunting, he admits, but he appears to be over it. You hear "Beautiful" and you hear "Fighter," and you're like, "Wow, these are two different people." You know what would be really cool to hear Christina do? Because she's got the diva voice, you automatically think that she's a diva because that's supposed to come with it. I don't encourage that, because some girls have gotten kicked out of venues before.

, and already, the party has gotten started in a major way.

According to a new report, Christina Aguilera has picked up where she left off with Blake Shelton, and just a short while into production, the two are said to be “drinking” partners.

"I do know what it's like to go through a divorce myself, and it's tough! Christina said that she's known Gwen for "a really long time" and that they go to each other's kids' birthday parties.

She continued, apparently shouting, "I keep telling them both to stay strong and have fun! If you find someone who makes you happy, you gotta go for it.

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