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The Commodore was also well past its prime when I was there. I was allowed to take the trolley bus to the Gateway. The theater turned bowling alley on Kedzie was the Alba.

Also, occasionally, the Capitol at 79th and Halsted (where the ceiling was designed to look like the night sky) and the Beverly at 95th and Ashland. The Mont Clare - Grand Ave, two blocks east of Harlem Ave. The Mercury - in Elmwood Park on North Ave a block west of Harlem 4. The Luna - on Belmont one block east of Cicero Ave. High school (early-mid 70's) it was the Nortown, Devon, Lincoln Village and the Old Orchard.Damen Don't know when it actually closed but in a Chicago Tribune article about playgrounds in 1941, the address was already listed as a vacant lot. Also, Wheaton and Villa Park shows are closed.[b]Fact: At one time there were like 50 theaters in the loop alone and over 600 in the city of Chicago. I remember going to a couple of legitimate films at the Admiral before its porn/strip club era.I also ran across a theather named the Round-Up at 2860 N. @Kchi, if you are talking about the Mars Theater, I grew in Logan Square in the 1960's and I never even knew until now that there was a theater there. I don't think that they were open as a theater at the time in the 60's. there were theaters in walking distance in every niehborhood.[/b] Edited 1 time(s). My older sister also took me to Disney filmas at the Uptown.Best character: No I can’t tell you I love you, because I actually just feel very uncomfortable watching your “honest” depictions of couples’ sex lives, relationships, and therapeutic sessions with Jane Alexander.fame, it told the story of two self-centered guys who owned a storage company in 1950s Pittsburgh.

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It wants you to see full, rounded characters, and, in a sense, it accomplishes this.

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