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By 1760, relations between the British and Cherokee had soured, breaking into conflict in the Anglo-Cherokee War.The warriors took spoils from the sack of Fort Loudoun to Chota.

These hills are part of the Appalachian Ridge-and-Valley Physiographic Province, which is characterized by narrow, elongate ridges and steep hills.Around this time, on the eve of the French and Indian War, the Cherokee were reportedly leaning toward the French side, prompting the English colonies of Virginia and South Carolina to increase contact with the Overhill towns.Virginia sent Major Andrew Lewis with 60 men to build a fort at Chota, which was completed in August 1756.It was never garrisoned because the Cherokee allied with the English against the French.Later that year, South Carolina sent engineer William de Brahm with 300 men to build Fort Loudoun, which was completed in March 1757.

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