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Police continue to investigate whether Ciotta had inappropriate sexual contact with more than one underage Beaumont High student, according to documents obtained by Patch. Police also discovered the alleged victim's school records in her home office, according to documents outlining the police investigation that began in June at the request of Child Protective Services. been f------ (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house)," according to documents obtained by Patch. Police got a warrant to obtain Ciotta's cell phone and search the Banning home she shared with her husband and two young children.She said she tried to create a home environment with rules and consequences for not following those rules. The boy seemed to be improving at his new school and had adjusted well to the move, she said.The boy's guardian told Patch she saw a change for the worse in the boy as his sophomore year at Beaumont High approached."The last confrontation [he] and I had, I felt, was an eye-opener for him and he was much better yesterday.I hope to see him improve and show some accountability for his grade in my class, as well as all other classes ...The family member told police she "immediately knew that the text [reply] was not sent by [the boy]" based on language used in the message.

The text from the husband stated that he "needed to know the extent of what happened … Following that text message exchange, police interviewed the alleged victim, who denied having an "inappropriate relationship" with Ciotta, records show.Initially, the boy denied visiting his teacher at home. "Alright, I have been to her house," the boy told police. Six days later, a Beaumont High parent told police her underage child confirmed that Ciotta had an inappropriate relationship with the alleged victim and if police search the teacher's phone they "will find out." On Sept.When detectives asked the for details about when he visited Ciotta's house, "he became angry and stated 'I'm done, and I've moved on. 20, Ciotta's arrest shocked the Beaumont High community and made national headlines.In January 2017, the boy's guardian was charged with child neglect, police records show.Still, the boy's guardian was notified via email of the boy's progress at school.

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"When asked why kids were spreading those rumors, [he] stated that he thought it was because Ciotta would allow him to spend several periods in her class to do his work," according to the report.

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