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Other ways to recognize users of chat rooms are; skinnyness, short-sightedness, Asthma, complete inability in any sport that doesn't require a computer.

On Chuck's arrival in the Neolithic era Osama (who was attempting to corrupt the gene pools of early Neanderthals destined to be the earliest Western settlers) was struck with a feeling of sheer terror (also known as the Norris effect) exactly 3.2 nanoseconds before a roundhouse kick destroyed him (this is the reason no-one has been able to find him; Chuck's roundhouse is capable of removing matter from existence).

By this point Osama had only been able to corrupt the gene pools of those destined to become George W. Unfortunately one of the members of these corrupted gene pools developed into the creator of the chat room (not George W.

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although he does enjoy them, proving once and for all that they are wrong!

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