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A succinct osteological description is given here (see Supplementary Table 1 for select measurements); for additional details, see Supplementary Note 1.

The ventral margin of the anterior process of the jugal is thickened transversely due to a prominent ridge along the ventral border of the lateral surface of the jugal; the sub-orbital ramus is still deeper dorsoventrally than wide transversely.The lateral surface of the surangular is dorsoventrally convex.The surangular is deep dorsoventrally, forming most of the lateral surface of the posterior portion of the mandible.Both frontals are nearly complete, and exposed in ventral view.The frontal is about 1.8 times as long anteroposteriorly as transversely wide.

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As in other troodontids, the postorbital process has a smooth transit from the orbital edge of the frontal.

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