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It Fl f Ar file[ ] # igor -D pkg-updating.1pkg-updating.1.gz:34:sentence not on new line:of the installed ports.

[Alternative a list of pkg-names could be passed.] pkg-updating.1.gz:44:sentence not on new line:are shown.

My previous post discussed what ports are, where they can be found on Free BSD and what the files of which a port is composed of look like. The ports system works hand in hand with Free BSD’s package manager Pkg. Don’t rely on it, though, especially if you’re new to the whole topic. A lot of programs can be configured at run time in certain ways. Building the ‘pkg’ port On my fresh example system I build the Pkg manager from ports first – it’s needed for every other port anyway. Building of Pkg completed Installing the program is just as easy: Use Installing the newly built port That’s it, Pkg is now installed. However there’s still the “work” directory left over from the building process. Cleaning up after the build On to a just slightly more complex example. Just have it build LUA and it will figure out that it has to build the dependency first.

This post will now detail how to use ports to build software on Free BSD (the other BSDs have ports trees that work somewhat similar but are not identical. It makes little difference if some software on your machine was installed via a package or directly from ports – packages are in fact actually built from ports! Feel free to do it on a test system and be completely happy – or face subtle and annoying breakage. There are however decisions about program functionality that have to be made at . And then there’s the problem of mixing versions which can lead to all kinds of fun. I want to build and install an old version of the LUA interpreter which depends on another port, libedit. Building, installing and cleaning up in one command The parameters to make target is also applied to all ports that were built as a dependency for the current port.

This can be achieved with: # portmaster -r mysql-client-5.5 or # portupgrade -fr mysql-client-5.5 5.5.19 the upgrade will require 4 MB more space 9 MB to be downloaded Proceed with upgrading packages [y/N]: y 1518KB 1.5MB/s 1.5MB/s 8395KB 8.2MB/s 6.8MB/s Checking integrity...

done Upgrading mysql-client from 5.5.15 to 5.5.19...

Here is the list of these packages: Important: These packages are now excluded from the list of packages automatically updated by H-Sphere 2.4.3 update script.It is just funny, but not humorous, that it should happen on my first attempt to admin a Free BSD system using pre-built packages...baptism by fire I suppose - which was the intent - but the flames were higher than I expected!Welcome to Linux, a friendly and active Linux Community.[Use a YYYYMMDD date format.] pkg-updating.1.gz:45:trailing whitespace:. It Fl f Ar file[ ]The Trackback URL to this post is: are moderated.

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