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In 1946 the restaurant moved to 3028 Clairmont Avenue and was briefly called Bogue's Highland Restaurant.

A 1948 advertisement [1] featured portraits of the proprietors and promised that Mrs Bogue personally supervised the preparation of all the desserts on premises.

Andy Straynar, a veteran of Britling Cafeteria, partnered with Charlie Lawrence and another investor to purchase the restaurant from the Bogue's in 1968.

Sometime in the mid-1970s they replaced the tables and chairs with orange-vinyl booths and added a wrought-iron railing to the front.

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Q: I recently discovered that my husband is on several online dating sites.

September’s Featured Therapist Briana Bogue is a Couple and Family Therapist whose integrative practice revolves around each client’s goals and strengths.

Under a settlement agreement the restaurant was to make monthly payments of ,000 to the county.

Do you do enough things together to help promote a loving feeling? You have proof that he is looking outside the relationship, so what makes you so sure he won’t leave you? Either you have to work on the relationship – rebuilding fun, love and trust – or work at getting some survival skills should the marriage unravel.

I hope you will first see if the two of you can find some good things to do together and see if you can enjoy each other’s company and put each other first (rather than his mom! But if that doesn’t work, compose a life plan for life after marriage.

When the county failed to collect, it filed a lawsuit in June 2014, claiming it was owed a total of 7,360.

In December of that year, Business Insider magazine named Bogue's the best diner in Alabama. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March 2015.

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Maybe there are things you can do that will redirect his emotions and sexuality back into the marriage.

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