Ben gibbard dating jenny lewis

Their story is the stuff of Hollywood soap opera, one that takes in fame, disillusionment and a failed romance.

Two former child-stars from Los Angeles, they both gave up lucrative acting careers in order to start a band. Beautiful as they are, after a while, when you're touring, these cities start to look the same." Sennett and Lewis have expressed a desire to be interviewed separately for fear that they might start bickering.

Read on to find answers to all your Jenny-related queries and her real relationship with Jake. While she may not be as famous as Taylor Swift, 35-year-old Jenny has made a name for herself as a child actress-turned-indie rock goddess.Beneath the glossy veneer of indie pop and country soul lie unsettling tales of emotional damage and disappointment. " is a heartfelt letter to a friend conveying news of a betrayal, while the forthcoming single, "Portions for Foxes", finds Lewis regressing into old habits with a lover ("You're just damage control for a walking corpse like me").Elsewhere, on "The Absence of God", she reveals a tendency to sabotage new relationships: "And I say there's trouble when everything is fine/The need to destroy things creeps up on me every time." It's an intelligent and assured record, full of bitterly insightful lyrics that are as captivating as anything you'll hear this year.Between the ages of eight and 18, she appeared in several long-running TV series, including Murder She Wrote, Roseanne, The Golden Girls, The Twilight Zone and Baywatch.Although she was encouraged into acting from the start, Lewis says that music is in her blood.

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It is significant that Rilo Kiley's apparent coming-of-age has coincided with their jumping ship from the credible but cash-strapped independent label Saddle Creek, to the major conglomerate Warner.

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