Backdating an unemployment application in pennsylvania

However, there are some circumstances that allow for the backdating of your claim (Examples: you were working reduced hours with your employer; you attempted to file a claim against another state).

If you believe your claim should be backdated, mention it to the agent when you file your claim by telephone. If you are employed full-time, you cannot file an unemployment claim.

Notify the Division of any changes or corrections to your email address by updating it online during your weekly certification for benefits at and check your email regularly for messages regarding your claim.

Please note, the Division will continue to interact with customers using mailed notices and telephone interviews on most matters regarding their unemployment claim.

A claims examiner will review the facts of your specific employment to determine eligibility for benefits. If a company relocates and offers me a job at the new location, do I have to take it? If the distance you have to travel to accept this offer of employment creates an undue hardship or the job duties or hours of work significantly change, then you may be able to refuse the new job and receive benefits. If benefits were paid to you in error, you will receive a notice stating the amount you were overpaid and why you were not entitled to the benefits.

A claims examiner will review your reasons for not relocating and determine if you are eligible. Can I collect on my original claim if I start a new job and it does not work out? A claims examiner appointment is scheduled if you decide to leave a new job after accepting it. There are no state or federal extension programs at this time. You have the right to appeal the determination by following the instructions on the bottom of the form. Why do I have a refund on my claim when I filed only last week? If, in the past, you received any unemployment benefits to which you were not entitled, the Division may recover the overpaid unemployment benefits by using your current benefits. You can make an electronic payment at You can avoid collection activities (except for the recoupment of future benefits) by either repaying the debt in full or establishing and maintaining a monthly installment agreement.

When you file your claim by telephone, the agent will review all separation payments with you before the claim filing process is completed.

If you file your claim via the Internet, and it appears that your payment for periods after your last date of work may affect your unemployment benefits, you will be scheduled for an interview with a claims examiner. I currently have a H-1 B visa but have lost my job; am I eligible? H-1B visa holders are authorized to work in the United States for one specific employer.

If you and your employer contributed to the pension, 50% of your weekly pension amount will be subtracted from your unemployment benefits.Payments that do not extend employment include severance payments based on years of service with an employer.However, salary continuation through termination and payments in Lieu of Notice, do extend employment.If you worked in New Jersey and have relocated to another State, you must file a claim against New Jersey.You may file your claim by calling the New Jersey claims office that handles out-of-state claims at 1-888-795-6672.

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