Aura color dating

People with this aura tend to be the deepest lovers, and most expressive underneath the sheets.

If you've found someone with a pink aura, hold on tightly.

If your sexual aura is red, your energy (and color) comes from the center of your body, meaning you are bold hot and anything gets you going.

You wear your sexuality on your sleeve as if it were any other trait of your personality, and you could care less if prude people take offense to it.

Unlike someone with a red aura, you may leave out all the intimate or kinky details from your sexcapades.

Blue auras are some of the rarest auras in the entire world.Science has long tried to explain exactly what is happening during that particular moment we fall in love and our brains seem to suddenly become rewired.Our focus and attention is entirely set anew in a different perspective.Researchers believe those who encompass the blue aura are actually master communicators of the world.As it turns out, people who reflect blue auras are able to express emotions toward others in ways others may not see as clearly, whether it's a soft touch that speaks a thousand words, or even a smile through the eyes that instantly captures one's heart. They respect boundaries and commit to someone when they think they've met the perfect match.

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