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For this blog post I decided to go with the "Terra Firma" template here.After I downloaded the template, the first thing I did was to create a root "Site.If you are "design challenged" like me, one approach you might want to take with a new site is to get started by using one of the free HTML site templates that you can download from these two sites: or The templates on these sites are pure HTML (meaning you can use them with any server-side programming technology), and are built using clean CSS and XHTML markup.List View should have come earlier, but better late than never.The Net Tiers Web Library is a set of Controls and Objects that provide powerful tools to make your web development projects with Net Tiers much easier and more efficient.

Our last step with this sample will be to enable paging support over the products data.

This means that your application and database will scale even if you have thousands of products in a specific category.

in Beta2, though, does have some limitations in that it can't by default be driven off of a querystring value - which makes it not very SEO friendly.

I'll cover how to fix this and support a querystring index in a future blog post. You will find that this control provides you with complete control over the markup output sent down to a client - while still providing rich data paging, editing, deleting and insertion semantics.

I'll cover many more of these scenarios (along with the List View's cool grouping functionality) in future blog posts. I was really disappointed when I found that Grid View was the only control that supported paging.

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