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Like other groups in the Pacific Northwest, the story of the Sikh community stretches back to pioneer days of our region, where lumber, farming and fishing dominated the economy and railroad tracks were still being laid to connect us with the rest of the continent.The first well-known record of Sikhs visiting the Pacific Northwest was in 1897 when Hong Kong-based Sikh soldiers from the British Empire traveled through Canada on the way home from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in London.For many years, Sikh immigrants struggled to build a community in the Pacific Northwest despite laws prohibiting them from owning land.Additional laws barred women from joining their husbands and eventually banned immigration all together.They saw the potential to settle and work in North America, and shared their vision with other Sikhs back home in Punjab.Soon, Sikh immigrants – mostly male laborers – entered North America through West Coast ports, including San Francisco, Astoria, Seattle and Vancouver.Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian Army to attack the Harmander Sahib in Amritsar as part of Operation Blue Star.

Upon their return, members of the Sikh community gathered at the Vancouver Gurdwara and unanimously resolved to refuse to go.Photo courtesy of Southern Oregon Historical Society, Medford, Oregon, #1603.Anti-Hindu Riots On September 4, 1907, a mob of approximately 500 men attacked Sikhs living in Bellingham, Washington, forcefully removing them from the town.Sikhs worked on the railroad in Washington State, circa 1900. Railroad workers, 1909 - The Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railroad connected Cottage Grove, Oregon east to the Cascade foothills and serviced the lumber industry.Sikhs helped construct the railroad, pictured circa 1909.

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