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Indeed, the treatment appeared to benefit some patients.

While it is unclear whether mercury actually did cure syphilis (some cases of the disease resolve spontaneously), the use of mercury therapy continued into the early 20th century.

The warders were among the first to recognize that there was a high likelihood that the prisoners would become poisoned and spare the keepers the need for formal executions.

The symbol for the planet was used by the alchemists to identify mercury before it was given its more modern chemical notation.Regionally, the "Danbury shakes" were a commonly recognized series of ailments.On December 1, 1941 the United States Public Health Service banned the use of mercury in the felt industry in this country.The felt hat industry has been traced to the mid-17th century in France, and it was probably introduced into England some time around 1830.A story passed down in the hat industry gives this account of how mercury came to be used in the process: In Turkey camel hair was used for felt material, and it was discovered that the felting process was speeded up if the fibers were moistened with camel urine.

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