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You might end up making chili together before the first snow falls.Locally owned coffee shops Sure, Starbucks is an option, but going local for beans could spark up a conversation between coffee lovers who both enjoy local brew. Photography, music, food and fitness are among the categories to choose from on this social site.Finding a winter partner with similar interests could turn winter into fun adventure made for two. The rise of e-readers in the early 2000s made bookstores less of a destination for singles looking for love.

While I found no mobile apps, there were three promising websites: After a few weeks of messaging locals and attempting to solicit dates in the Greater New York City area, I didn’t have much luck.An upscale grocery store Fresh Market, World Market, Trader Joe's and the list goes on.The next time you decide to grab grocery store sushi on a Wednesday night, keep your eyes peeled for love.A couple days into my quest for love, I was getting messages from some people who lived five miles away, and others who lived in Germany and Japan.Those men who did reach out were often willing to share some fairly intimate personal details.

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