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The first scheme was established by the Research Foundation of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP) in 2015.Following this, the National Council of Research Foundations CONFAP has led a coordinated effort among the other research foundations in Brazilian States to follow the example of FAPESP.EURAXESS Brazil, now EURAXESS Latin America and Caribbean States, has been serving researchers in all fields interested in collaborating with and/or pursuing a research career in Europe since 2013. Scientists briefly presented their research to a large and curious audience of non-experts in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.

Aditionnal opportunity open to Brazilian young researchers: Brazilian authorities signed an implementing arrangement with the ERC to allow postdoctoral researchers from FAPs, CAPES and CNPq to join research teams run by ERC-grantees to conduct frontier research activities.

Find collaborators for your research cooperation or hosts for your mobility projects within the EURAXESS community!

​ EU-Brazil cooperation relations are based on the 1992 Framework Co-operation Agreement signed in June 1992 and ratified by the Brazilian Congress in May 1995.

The importance of cooperation with Brazil in this field comes from the following factors: Short- and long-term mobility of researchers both ways is an important driver of the EU-Brazil research and innovation partnership.

Individual researchers can take part in mobility programmes under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions scheme (MSCA).

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The Excellent Science Pillar of Horizon 2020 offers dedicated programmes like Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and The European Research Council (ERC) to support the best research talents irrespective of their nationality with fellowships and grants.

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