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I picked up guitar about three years ago and I picked up violin around the same time I started playing piano. I've only been with two guys over the past year and a half and I lost my virginity when I was seventeen.

Maybe one day I will practice with a plug in :) Maybe you can see it :) Love you guys! I've been playing piano for seven years, I use to write my own music with my brothers.

I was nervous about the whole thing but I must admit now that I enjoyed every second of it! Hopefully I can get down to LA and shoot again with you guys! She is my baby and I usually run with her every morning.I thought it would be more interesting but there's nothing fun about having a ball stuck inside your pussy.Oh and I do like the coverpage and pics from the shoot.I loved using the toys all day and getting to pick what I liked best. I would love to shoot again and do some cool exotic locations or something. My name is Charlotte Carmen, I'm an 18 year old girl going into college this fall with the goal of becoming a dental hygienist because I've found from personal experience that they aren't sensitive enough.Gums and teeth are delicate and fundamental parts of our body, and should be treated with care.

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I show them off to my friends, they're jelly all about it.

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