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Who stands to benefit from the latest flood of group video chat introductions?Whats App, which has cross-platform appeal and Kik, which already enjoys a high level of user engagement, seem like the most likely candidates.In addition, We Chat confirmed that it does not profit from its customer data in comparison to Facebook.

But as the app’s footprint increased, there have been concerns the app may pose a risk to national security.

Eva Galperin, Malware Expert at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: However, a spokesperson for the app confirmed that any government seemed to have a way to access social media tools.

Tencent also confirmed that the company was taking data protection seriously and complied with relevant laws in the countries it is operational.

This week, two big messaging apps got a major upgrade, as Kik and Facebook Messenger both rolled out group video chat functionality.

While this isn’t necessarily a new feature – other messaging apps, such as We Chat and Whats App, already support group video chat – it highlights the growing importance of “livechill,” a space largely claimed (until now) by Houseparty, the app created from the dregs of Meerkat.

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