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900 content providers and telephone companies providing 900/976 services must waive all reasonably disputed charges for first-time disputes with their customers.Companies must also tell these customers about the call blocking feature that prevents calls being made from their phone to 900/976 services.900 content providers pay the telephone companies to use their networks.976 service is also a pay-per-call service, which is provided only by Bell Canada in Ontario and Quebec.

After that, the company can charge for any further requests to add or remove the feature.Contact your telephone company for more information on the specific rules for the 900/976 services you use.All advertisements for 900/976 services must indicate the charges for making a call.Just visit an EE store with any of the following approved photo ID – passport, full driver’s licence (photo and paper), EU card or citizen card. EECU offers two options for making your EECU loan payments from non-EECU accounts.

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