Accommodating gifted students

Parents of preschoolers may report that their child demonstrates an unusual interest in mathematical concepts and particularly enjoys games involving numbers.

Many of these students’ gifted characteristics emerge during the preschool years. Teaching strategies for twice-exceptional students.

Unfortunately, many programs for gifted children are inadequate and poorly designed (Heid, 1983), leaving classroom teachers to struggle to meet the needs of gifted children effectively. Characteristics of the Gifted Math Student Whether math problems require computation skills, problem-solving strategies, inferential thinking skills, or deductive reasoning, mathematically talented students are often able to discern answers with unusual speed and accuracy.

Mathematically gifted students are able to see relationships among topics, concepts, and ideas without the intervention of formal instruction specifically geared to that particular content (Heid, 1983).

Due to their intuitive understanding of mathematical function and processes, they may skip over steps and be unable to explain how they arrived at the correct answer to a problem (Greenes, 1981).

For example, Mariah, an energetic, 6th-grade prealgebra student, often seems disinterested during her hourlong math class, as she doodles and appears to be preoccupied.

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Adversarial, demanding meetings are fraught with problems and do not serve your child well.

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